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Album Urban Radio
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Looking For You01:0001view
The Beats Drop01:0103view
Slide Into01:0004view
Come Over Here01:0105view
Crushin Fools01:0006view
Turbo Booster01:0007view
Banged Up01:0108view
Temple In The Chaos01:0109view
Cuz We Dont Care01:0010view
And Thats Everything01:0212view
Lets Make A Difference01:0613view
In With The New01:0014view
Yo Baby01:0115view
Euphoria Mix01:0116view
Block Party01:0217view
Blue Castle01:0118view
Easy Breezy01:0119view
The Latest Scoop01:0120view
Looking For You00:3121view
Looking For You00:1622view
The Beats Drop00:3125view
The Beats Drop00:1126view
Slide Into00:3027view
Slide Into00:1528view
Come Over Here00:3129view
Come Over Here00:1630view
Crushin Fools00:3031view
Crushin Fools00:1532view
Turbo Booster00:3133view
Turbo Booster00:1634view
Banged Up00:3135view
Banged Up00:1536view
Temple In The Chaos00:3137view
Temple In The Chaos00:1538view
Cuz We Dont Care00:3039view
Cuz We Dont Care00:1640view
And Thats Everything00:3143view
And Thats Everything00:1644view
Lets Make A Difference00:3245view
Lets Make A Difference00:1346view
In With The New00:3047view
In With The New00:1548view
Yo Baby00:3149view
Yo Baby00:1650view
Euphoria Mix00:3151view
Euphoria Mix00:1652view
Block Party00:3253view
Block Party00:1754view
Blue Castle00:3155view
Blue Castle00:1656view
Easy Breezy00:3157view
Easy Breezy00:1658view
The Latest Scoop00:3059view
The Latest Scoop00:1560view