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Album Trailer Tools of the Apocalypse - Sound Effects 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Pulsing FX00:0602view
Astronaut FX00:0403view
Digital Scrape00:0104view
Breaking up00:2305view
Beat FX00:3606view
Distorted Beat FX00:1107view
Distorted Wind00:1808view
Sonar Pan Man00:1309view
Radio Glitch00:2510view
Sonar Pan Man 200:0911view
Stereo Spectrum00:0412view
Sweeping FX00:2013view
Static Beat00:0614view
Ghost Call00:0915view
Dub FX00:0116view
Filthy FX00:0117view
Grime FX00:0518view
Growl FX 200:0119view
Growl FX 100:0120view
Lazer FX 100:0121view
Lazer FX 200:0122view
Trap FX00:0123view
Dub Scream FX 200:0224view
Dub Scream FX 100:0425view
Reverse Cymbal FX00:0526view
Backwards FX00:0127view
Riser FX00:0428view
Sweeping FX00:0429view
Rise and Fall FX00:1030view
Chopped String FX00:0331view
Digital Reverse FX00:0132view
Distorted Rise FX00:0433view
Distorted Scrape FX00:0334view
Distorted Rising Scrape FX00:0635view
Scraping Noise FX00:0536view
Ghost Hit FX00:0637view
Scraping Heli FX00:1038view
Rising FX00:0239view
Tonal Fire FX00:1040view
Light Rise FX00:2941view
Reverse Delay FX00:0642view
Reverse Tonal FX 100:1943view
Reverse Scraping FX00:0744view
Reverse Tonal FX 200:1445view