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Album Trailer Tools of the Apocalypse - Instruments 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Grid Bass00:1301view
Throbbing Bass Pulse00:1302view
Ripple Bass Filter00:0903view
Ripple Bass00:1204view
Bass Tremble00:0505view
Bass Glide00:1506view
Pulsating Bass00:1007view
Pounding Bass Pulse00:0808view
Throbbing Heart Pulse00:1209view
Fireball Pulse00:1210view
Jerk Pulse00:0911view
Jerk Bass00:1312view
Flapping Bass Pulse00:1013view
Bass Thump Pulse00:1114view
Nebulous Bass Pulse00:1615view
Shadow Pulse00:1716view
Stab with End FX00:0817view
Stab with Hit00:0718view
Tonal Stab Minus End Hit00:0719view
Tonal Sweep To Stab00:0620view
Tonal Sweep With Scrape00:0621view
Tonal Sweep Full00:0922view
Tonal Sweep With Intro FX00:0923view
Orchestra Stabs00:0424view
Surrendering Stab 100:0625view
Surrendering Stab 200:0526view
Tonal Chaos Stab00:0427view
Wrathing Stab With FX00:0928view
Wrathing Stab No FX00:0929view
Horn of Helms Deep End00:0631view
Horn of Helms Deep Full00:0732view
Horn of Helms Deep Full Alt00:0733view
Federation Horn End00:0734view
Federation Horn Full00:0735view
Horn Blaster End00:0936view
Horn Blaster Full00:0837view
Lion Horn End00:1138view
Lion Horn Full00:0839view
Lion Horn Intro00:0940view
Calling Horn End00:0641view
Calling Horn Full00:1242view
Calling Horn Intro00:0743view
Prime Horn End00:0944view
Prime Horn Full00:0745view
Prime Horn Intro00:0846view
Surrender Horn Drop00:0347view
Surrender Horn End00:0548view
Surrender Horn Full00:0549view
Surrender Horn Impacts00:0450view
Surrender Horn Intro00:0551view
Reigning Horn End00:0552view
Reigning Horn Full00:0553view
Reigning Horn Intro00:0954view
Grid Piano Note00:1255view
Destroyed Piano FX00:0956view
Living Low Octave00:0957view
Reverse Piano Low00:1258view
Amen Low Note00:1859view
Deep Low Piano Note00:1061view
Piano Stab Long Hold00:1262view
Reverse Piano00:0763view
Reverse Piano To Effected Note00:1164view
Dark Piano Note00:0965view
Romano Piano Hi Note00:1066view
Romano Piano Low Note00:1767view
Romano Piano Reverse Note00:2768view
Company Piano Note00:1069view
The End Piano Note00:1070view
Simple Piano Melody with FX00:1871view
Living Piano Melody 100:1772view
Empire Piano Melody 100:1173view
Empire Piano Melody 200:1374view
Empire Piano Melody 300:1475view
Elemental Piano Melodie00:1776view
Disaster Piano Melody00:1177view
Hypnotic Reverse Piano Melody00:1178view
Somber Distant Melody00:2079view
MOF Piano Melody00:1680view
Piano Stab Multiple00:1381view