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Album Trailer Tools of the Apocalypse - Percussion Elements 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Colasual Build00:3501view
Maximus Build00:1702view
Termination Build00:2803view
Gladiator Build00:1204view
Thunderous Build00:2705view
Exterminate Build00:1506view
Pandaren Build00:4407view
Forsaken Build00:2308view
Blood Orc Build00:1809view
Turian Build00:2910view
God of war build00:1311view
Revolver Build00:2312view
Torak Build00:1113view
Forest Elf Build With End Hit00:1814view
Forest Elf Build Minus End Hit00:1915view
Static Build00:0816view
Wailing Build00:1417view
Imperial Build00:2518view
Jungle Build Minus End Sweep00:2519view
Jungle Build With End Sweep00:2520view
Frenzy Build00:2821view
Dragon Roll Full00:0922view
Dragon Roll Short00:0723view
Mafia Roll00:1624view
Rising Sun Roll00:0825view
Flaming Roll00:1426view
Easy Roll00:0727view
Titanic Roll00:1828view
Revolving Roll00:0929view
Ocean Roll00:0630view
Fire Roll00:0531view
Scorpion roll00:0832view
Spike Roll00:0633view
Avatar Roll00:0834view
Magical Roll No Tag With Tone00:1035view
Magical Roll With Tag With Tone00:1336view
Magical Roll Minus Tone00:1137view
Stalker Tag00:0738view
Avenger Tag00:1039view
Dark Axe Tag00:1440view
Defiler Tag00:1041view
Battle Tag00:1242view
Army Tag00:1043view
Misty Mountain Tag00:1744view
Guldur Tag00:0745view
Eliminate Tag00:0946view
Gondolin Tag00:1647view
Witch King Tag No end Cymbals00:0648view
Witch King Tag End Cymbals00:0549view
Tornado Tag00:1150view
Static Tag00:0751view
Impact Tag00:0652view
Deep Breathing Tag00:1053view
Impulse Tag00:1154view
Evolving Tag00:0755view
Driving Tag00:0956view
Multi Tag00:0857view