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Album Trailer Tools of the Apocalypse - Hits and Sweeps 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Decimation Hit00:0701view
Thor Hit00:0502view
Devils Hit00:0703view
Hulk Smash Hit00:0604view
Sanctum Hit00:0805view
Sacred Hit00:0806view
Arsenal Hit00:0707view
Acid Hit00:0708view
Magneto Hit00:0509view
Doom Hit00:0510view
Apocalypse Hit00:1011view
Venom Hit00:0412view
Galactus Hit00:0213view
King Pin Hit00:0714view
Bullseye Hit00:0515view
Hit of Ultron00:0416view
Dark Skull Hit00:0417view
Sinister Hit00:0618view
Omega Hit00:0819view
Skrull Hit00:0520view
Hit of the Mandarin00:0621view
Head Hunter Hit00:0422view
Doomsday Hit00:0423view
Pyro Hit00:0824view
Samurai Hit00:0725view
Absorbing Light Hit00:0626view
Barracuda Hit00:0727view
Stalker Hit00:0728view
Daken Hit00:0629view
Raven Hit00:0930view
Stryker Hit00:0531view
Optimal Hit00:1232view
Strike Hit00:0933view
Scarecrow Hit00:0734view
Annihilation Sweep00:0735view
Cycloptic Sweep00:0736view
Paranormal Sweep00:0837view
Mutant Sweep00:0638view
Force Sweep00:0539view
Beast Sweep00:0740view
Changeling Sweep00:0741view
Havok Sweep00:1142view
Revolt Sweep00:1143view
Storm Sweep00:0444view
Colossus Sweep00:0445view
Phoenix Sweep00:0546view
Thunder Sweep00:0547view
Chamber Sweep00:0848view
Sentinel Sweep00:0849view
Aurora Sweep00:0750view
Dead Pool Sweep00:0551view
Loki Sweep00:0652view
Vethorm Sweep00:0853view
Iron Sweep00:0654view
Hulk Smash Sweep00:0655view
Night Crawling Sweep00:0456view
Filter Sweep00:0657view
Fawful Sweep00:0858view
Titanium Sweep00:0859view
Column Sweep00:0660view
General Sweep00:0861view
General Sweep Delay00:0862view