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Album Revolt
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
And So It Begins02:0001view
And So It Begins Extended02:4402view
The Elements02:3203view
The Elements Extended03:2404view
Static Noise02:2505view
Year Of Reign02:5006view
Abandon Vocal Sparse03:1007view
Bleed America03:0108view
Orpheus Dark Mix01:5311view
Sleeper Cell02:4312view
Contingency String and Vocal00:5814view
Shot In The Dark02:5415view
And So It Begins No Heart Beat02:0018view
And So It Begins No Heli02:0019view
And So It Begins No Heli No Heartbeat02:0020view
And So It Begins No Heart Beat Ext02:4421view
And So It Begins No Heli Ext02:4422view
And So It Begins No Heli No Heartbeat Ext02:4423view
The Elements No Pulse02:3224view
The Elements More Drum Less Tonal02:3225view
The Elements Less Drum more Tonal02:3226view
The Elements Alt Piano02:3227view
The Elements No Pulse03:2428view
The Elements More Drum Less Tonal03:2429view
The Elements Less Drum more Tonal03:2430view
The Elements Alt Piano03:2431view
Static Noise No Child02:2532view
Static Noise No Tonal In Hits02:2533view
Static Noise No Tonal No Child02:2534view
Year Of Reign No Flute02:5035view
Year Of Reign No Perc02:5036view
Year Of Reign No Flute No Perc02:5037view
Year Of Reign No Flute FX No Rain02:5038view
Abandon Full Vox Throughout03:1039view
Abandon No Vox03:0540view
Bleed America No Middle Vox03:0141view
Bleed America No Vox03:0142view
Revolt Percussive Bass Rthm02:1543view
Revolt Drum and Orch FX02:1544view
Orpheus Minus End Drum01:5345view
Orpheus Minus End Vox Call01:5346view
Orpheus No End Drum Dark01:5347view
Sleeper Cell No Choir02:4348view
Sleeper Cell No Orchestra02:4349view
Sleeper Cell No Piano02:4350view
Sleeper Cell No Scream02:4351view
Contingency No Vox02:3952view
Contingency No Hand Perc With Vox02:3953view
Contingency No Hand Perc No Vox02:3954view
Contingency String Bounce No Vox00:5855view
Contingency String Bounce No Strings With Vox00:5856view
Contingency String Bounce No Strings No Vox00:5857view
Shot In The Dark No Flute02:5458view
Conjecture No Flute02:5459view
Conjecture Drum and SFX02:5460view
Conjecture Drum02:5461view
Anesthetic No Arp Synths02:5662view
Anesthetic No String Pizz Hits02:5663view