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Album The Alchemist
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Weapons Of Mass Destruction02:3501view
Weapons Of Mass Destruction No Choir02:3502view
Weapons Of Mass Destruction No Orchestra02:3503view
Weapons Of Mass Destruction No Orchestra No Guitars02:3504view
Ultimatum No Flute02:4006view
Ultimatum No Vocals02:4007view
Ultimatum No Flute No Vocals02:4008view
Cardinal Deception02:2009view
Cardinal Deception No Noise Guitars02:2010view
Cardinal Deception No Rise Elements02:2011view
Cardinal Deception No Rise Elements No Noise Guitars02:2012view
The Company02:4613view
The Company No Orchestra02:4614view
The Company No Guitars02:4615view
Troom No Strings02:3518view
Troom No Guitars02:3519view
Stockholm Syndrome02:1120view
Stockholm Syndrome No Guitars02:1121view
Stockholm Syndrome No Orchestra02:1122view
Stockholm Syndrome No Noise02:1123view
The Shot02:1624view
The Shot No Chaos02:1625view
Metallurgy No Choir02:1327view
Metallurgy No Orchestra02:1328view
Metallurgy No Guitar02:1329view
Equilibrium No Ethnic Flute02:4031view
Equilibrium No Ethnic Flute No Ethnic Elements02:4032view
Ouroboros No Horns02:1034view
Ouroboros No Noise02:1035view
Ouroboros No Horns No Noise02:1036view
Ouroboros No Guitars02:1037view
Lethal Dose02:3438view
Lethal Dose No Ethnic Flute02:3439view
Fatal Prophesy02:5540view
Fatal Prophesy No Choir02:5541view
Fatal Prophesy No Ethnic Flute02:5542view
Fatal Prophesy No Guitars02:5543view
Fatal Prophesy No Guitars No Choir02:5544view
Fatal Prophesy No Ethnic Flute No Guitars02:5545view
Magnum Opus02:1946view
Patron Saint02:1947view
Patron Saint No Guitars02:1948view