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Album Revelation
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Oblivion Full Mix02:5901view
Terminal Full Mix02:5602view
Nearer My God To Thee Full Mix04:0303view
Nearer My God To Thee Traditional Mix01:4704view
Illumination Full Mix02:0205view
Heartless Full Mix02:2506view
Decimation Full Mix02:0907view
Ave Maria Full Mix03:0408view
Ave Maria Traditional Mix01:4309view
Legions And Demons Full Mix03:1910view
Syndicate Full Mix02:1511view
Crossroads Full Mix02:3612view
Nearer My God To Thee No Vocal04:0313view
Nearer My God To Thee Traditional Mix No Vocal01:4714view
Ave Maria No Vocal03:0415view
Ave Maria Traditional Mix No Vocal01:4316view
Heartless No Vocal02:2517view
Legions And Demons No Guitar Scream03:1918view
Nearer My God To Thee Custom03:1019view