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Album Emotion - Soap Opera
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
One Last Goodbye1:5101view
One Last Goodbye 300:3002view
Circle of Life2:1903view
Circle of Life 300:3004view
Moments and Memories1:3505view
Moments and Memories 300:3006view
Love at First Sight1:4007view
Love at First Sight 300:3208view
Tryst 300:3210view
Secret Passage2:1511view
Secret Passage 300:3212view
Tiny Stars2:1013view
Tiny Stars 300:3414view
Lovers for a Day2:5315view
Lovers for a Day No orchestra2:5316view
Lovers for a Day Solo piano2:5317view
Lovers for a Day 300:3218view
Sky Dive2:3419view
Sky Dive 300:3320view
Dizzy Lizzy2:0321view
Dizzy Lizzy 300:3122view
The Gardener2:1123view
The Gardener 300:3124view
Broken Hearts1:4925view
Broken Hearts Reduced percussion1:4926view
Broken Hearts No drums1:4927view
Broken Hearts 300:3328view
Secrets No drums2:0330view
Secrets No flute2:0331view
Secrets No drums no flute2:0332view
Secrets 300:3133view
Start of Something New1:5434view
Start of Something New Solo piano1:5435view
Start of Something New 300:3036view
Mysterious Shadow2:4237view
Mysterious Shadow No lead guitar2:4238view
Mysterious Shadow Ambient mix no lead guitar2:4239view
Mysterious Shadow Ambient mix2:4240view
Mysterious Shadow 300:3241view