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Album Chart - Summer Hits
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Fiesta Loca04:0801view
Fiesta Loca Alt00:3402view
Fiesta Loca Alt04:0803view
Luv You My Way03:4004view
Luv You My Way Alt03:4505view
Luv You My Way Alt00:3306view
Le Bien Le Mal03:3007view
Le Bien Le Mal Alt03:3008view
Le Bien Le Mal Alt00:3109view
Bad Trip03:3210view
Bad Trip Alt03:3211view
Bad Trip Alt00:3112view
Without A Girlfriend03:5313view
Without A Girlfriend Alt08:3114view
Without A Girlfriend Alt03:5215view
Without A Girlfriend Alt00:3516view
Stay On My Side03:4817view
Stay On My Side Alt03:4818view
Stay On My Side Alt00:3019view
It Took A While03:5320view
It Took A While Alt03:5021view
It Took A While Alt00:3622view
Nasty Lady03:5123view
Nasty Lady Alt03:5124view
Children Alt03:1926view
Children Alt00:3127view
Rock With Me03:3428view
Rock With Me Alt03:3429view
Rock With Me Alt00:3430view
Can You Feel It03:3631view
Can You Feel It Alt03:3232view
Can You Feel It Alt00:3233view
Superstar Alt03:4035view
Superstar Alt00:3236view
Heart Beat03:1837view
Heart Beat Alt03:1838view
Heart Beat Alt00:3239view