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Album Soviet Dance Party
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
The Era Of Technology Original03:1001view
The Era Of Technology Alternative00:3002view
The Era Of Technology Alternative00:1503view
The Era Of Technology Alternative00:1004view
Glad Girls Original02:4005view
Glad Girls Alternative00:3106view
Glad Girls Alternative00:1607view
Glad Girls Alternative00:1108view
Red Street Original02:3709view
Red Street Alternative00:3010view
Red Street Alternative00:1511view
Red Street Alternative00:1012view
Back To Disco Time Original03:1713view
Back To Disco Time Alternative00:3014view
Back To Disco Time Alternative00:1515view
Back To Disco Time Alternative00:1016view
Very Famous Original03:2217view
Very Famous Alternative00:3018view
Very Famous Alternative00:1519view
Very Famous Alternative00:1020view
Dance Bar Original03:5321view
Dance Bar Alternative00:3022view
Dance Bar Alternative00:1523view
Dance Bar Alternative00:1024view
Russian Pop Voices Original03:1925view
Russian Pop Voices Alternative00:3126view
Russian Pop Voices Alternative00:1627view
Russian Pop Voices Alternative00:1028view
Olympics Original04:1729view
Olympics Alternative00:2930view
Olympics Alternative00:1531view
Olympics Alternative00:0932view
Moscow Disco Original03:2633view
Moscow Disco Alternative00:3034view
Moscow Disco Alternative00:1535view
Moscow Disco Alternative00:1036view
Memories Original03:1637view
Memories Alternative00:3038view
Memories Alternative00:1639view
Memories Alternative00:1040view
Taiga Original03:1341view
Taiga Alternative00:3042view
Taiga Alternative00:1643view
Taiga Alternative00:1044view