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Album Quirky Walkers
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Travelling Pluckers Original01:1401view
Travelling Pluckers Alternative00:3002view
Walking With the Cows Original01:3803view
Walking With the Cows Alternative00:3004view
Chicken Walk Original01:4905view
Chicken Walk Alternative00:3006view
Lazy Strollers Original01:2607view
Lazy Strollers Alternative00:3008view
Clumsy Walkers Original01:1809view
Clumsy Walkers Alternative00:3010view
Sunday Strolling Original01:0211view
Sunday Strolling Alternative00:3012view
Quirky Beef Jerky Original01:2813view
Quirky Beef Jerky Alternative00:3014view
Happy Curious Original01:1815view
Happy Curious Alternative00:3016view
Smiley Walker Original00:5517view
Smiley Walker Alternative00:3018view
Slowly Strolling Original02:1419view
Slowly Strolling Alternative00:3020view
Mysterious Fish Twang Original01:2121view
Mysterious Fish Twang Alternative00:3022view
Ennio Walk Original01:2123view
Ennio Walk Alternative00:3024view
Charmer In The Saloon Original01:4125view
Charmer In The Saloon Alternative00:3026view
Cheeky Twang Original01:2227view
Cheeky Twang Alternative00:3028view
Casino Original01:2329view
Casino Alternative00:3030view
Light Foot Original01:1831view
Light Foot Alternative00:3032view
Happy Rails Original01:1233view
Happy Rails Alternative00:3034view
Carefree Twangy Original01:1735view
Carefree Twangy Alternative00:3036view
Spooky Stranger Original01:0837view
Spooky Stranger Alternative00:3038view
Twang Into The Sunset Original00:5539view
Twang Into The Sunset Alternative00:3040view