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Album Frivolicious - Delightfully Obscure Ditties
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Dimetapped Out Full02:0701view
Monkey Bars Full02:0002view
Forest Magic Full02:0203view
Flutterbies Full02:0004view
Polka Dots and Stars Full02:0605view
Summer Break Full02:0506view
Frivolicious Full01:5907view
Giraffes Full02:1008view
Buzy Bees Full01:3909view
Day Dreaming Full01:5810view
Bedtime Snack Full02:0211view
Memory Island Full01:5712view
Dimetapped Out 60Sec01:0013view
Monkey Bars 60Sec01:0014view
Forest Magic 60Sec01:0015view
Flutterbies 60Sec01:0016view
Polka Dots and Stars 60Sec01:0017view
Summer Break 60Sec01:0018view
Frivolicious 60Sec01:0019view
Giraffes 60Sec01:0020view
Buzy Bees 60Sec01:0021view
Day Dreaming 60Sec01:0022view
Bedtime Snack 60Sec01:0023view
Memory Island 60Sec01:0024view
Dimetapped Out 30Sec00:3025view
Monkey Bars 30Sec00:3026view
Forest Magic 30Sec00:3027view
Flutterbies 30Sec00:3028view
Polka Dots and Stars 30Sec00:3029view
Summer Break 30Sec00:3030view
Frivolicious 30Sec00:3031view
Giraffes 30Sec00:3032view
Buzy Bees 30Sec00:3033view
Day Dreaming 30Sec00:3034view
Bedtime Snack 30Sec00:3035view
Memory Island 30Sec00:3036view
Dimetapped Out 15Sec00:1537view
Monkey Bars 15Sec00:1538view
Forest Magic 15Sec00:1539view
Flutterbies 15Sec00:1540view
Polka Dots and Stars 15Sec00:1541view
Summer Break 15Sec00:1542view
Frivolicious 15Sec00:1543view
Giraffes 15Sec00:1544view
Buzy Bees 15Sec00:1545view
Day Dreaming 15Sec00:1546view
Bedtime Snack 15Sec00:1547view
Memory Island 15Sec00:1548view
Dimetapped Out NoVocal02:0749view
Monkey Bars No Whistle01:5750view
Forest Magic NoSynthLead02:0251view
Flutterbies NoVocal02:0052view
Polka Dots and Stars NoVocal02:0653view
Summer Break NoVocal02:0554view
Frivolicious NoSynthLead01:5855view
Giraffes No Melody02:1056view
Buzy Bees NoSynthLead01:3857view
Day Dreaming NoVocal01:5858view
Bedtime Snack NoSolo02:0059view
Memory Island NoVocal01:5760view
Dimetapped Out 60Sec NoVocal01:0061view
Monkey Bars 60Sec No Whistle01:0062view
Forest Magic 60Sec No Melody01:0063view
Flutterbies 60Sec NoSynthLead01:0064view
Polka Dots and Stars 60Sec NoVocal01:0065view
Summer Break 60Sec NoVocal01:0066view
Frivolicious 60Sec NoSynthLead01:0067view
Giraffes 60Sec No Melody01:0068view
Buzy Bees 60Sec NoSynthLead01:0069view
Day Dreaming 60Sec NoVocal01:0070view
Bedtime Snack 60Sec NoSolo01:0071view
Memory Island 60Sec NoVocal01:0072view
Dimetapped Out 30Sec NoVocal00:3073view
Monkey Bars 30Sec No Whistle00:3074view
Forest Magic 30Sec No Melody00:3075view
Flutterbies 30Sec NoSynthLead00:3076view
Polka Dots and Stars 30Sec NoVocal00:3077view
Summer Break 30Sec NoVocal00:3078view
Frivolicious 30Sec NoSynthLead00:3079view
Giraffes 30Sec No Melody00:3080view
Buzy Bees 30Sec NoSynthLead00:3081view
Day Dreaming 30Sec NoVocal00:3082view
Bedtime Snack 30Sec NoSolo00:3083view
Memory Island 30Sec NoVocal00:3084view
Dimetapped Out 15Sec NoVocal00:1585view
Monkey Bars 15Sec No Whistle00:1586view
Forest Magic 15Sec No Melody00:1587view
Flutterbies 15Sec NoSynthLead00:1588view
Polka Dots and Stars 15Sec NoVocal00:1589view
Summer Break 15Sec NoVocal00:1590view
Frivolicious 15Sec NoSynthLead00:1591view
Giraffes 15Sec No Melody00:1592view
Buzy Bees 15Sec NoSynthLead00:1593view
Day Dreaming 15Sec NoVocal00:1594view
Bedtime Snack 15Sec NoSoloNoWhistle00:1595view
Memory Island 15Sec NoVocal00:1596view