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Album Anti-Hero 6 - The Futurist
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Penumbra No Choir02:1502view
Penumbra No Additional Guitars02:1503view
Penumbra No Rises02:1504view
Faliing Skies02:0505view
Falling Skies No Choir02:0506view
Falling Skies No Lead02:0507view
Dark Drifter02:2708view
Dark Drifter No Choir02:2709view
Dark Drifter No Guitars02:2010view
Half Life02:1111view
Half Life No Choir02:1112view
Half Life No Guitars02:1113view
The Futurist02:3614view
The Futurist No Choir02:3615view
The Futurist No Guitars02:3616view
The Futurist No Synth Leads02:3617view
Zero Hour02:4718view
Zero Hour No Choir02:4719view
Zero Hour No Guitars02:4720view
Zero Hour No Lead Keys02:4721view
Zero Hour No Tambourine02:4722view
Third Degree02:2523view
Third Degree No Choir02:2524view
Third Degree No Guitars02:2525view
Outlaw No Choir02:1427view
Outlaw No Guitars02:1428view
A Vital Few02:2429view
A Vital Few No Choir02:2430view
A Vital Few No Guitars02:1631view