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Album Sound Design Elements 2
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
After the Apocalypse Drone00:3901view
After the Apocalypse Drone No Pulse00:3902view
Scape of Sound Drone00:3803view
Scape of Sound Drone No Pulse00:3804view
Origin Drone00:3605view
Origin Drone No Pulse00:3606view
Voices of the Ancient Drone00:3707view
Voices of the Ancient Drone No Reverse FX00:3708view
New Era Drone00:3309view
New Era Drone No Pulse00:3310view
Alien Slam Hit00:0411view
Jet Stream Hit00:0612view
Space Chamber Hit00:0613view
Space Chamber Hit Tape Slow Down00:0614view
Gut Punch Hit00:0415view
Intensity Build Hit00:0716view
Intensity Build Hit No Tone00:0717view
Intensity Build Hit Short00:0618view
Intensity Build Hit Short No Tone00:0619view
Electric Shock Hit00:0720view
The Reckoner Hit00:0621view
The Reckoner Hit No Tone00:0622view
The Reckoner Hit Dry00:0423view
The Reckoner Hit Dry No Tone00:0424view
Stutter Hit00:0625view
Distorted Bits Hit00:0526view
Distorted Bits Hit No Delay00:0527view
Gravity Hit00:0428view
Mechanical Up Down00:0229view
Mechanical Power Suit Up00:0530view
Mechanical Power Suit Up Delay Version00:1531view
Mechanical Machine Moves00:0232view
Mechanical Robot Pivot00:0333view
Mechanical Robot Pivot Short00:0234view
Mechanical Up Hover00:0635view
Mechanical Up Hover Dry00:0436view
Mechanical Short Sequence00:0337view
Mechanical Initiate and Away00:0338view
Mechanical Power Down00:0339view
Mechanical Power Down Big00:0340view
Mechanical Robot Error00:0341view
Mechanical Robot Error Space Version00:0342view
Phantom Build00:0543view
Phantom Build No Tone00:0544view
Spacecraft Build00:0745view
Spacecraft Build Short00:0446view
Dawn of Time Build00:0847view
Dawn of Time Build Short00:0448view
Thief Build00:0349view
Thief Build Suckback Version00:0350view
Detective Build00:0451view
Crucial Rise00:0652view
Settled Fear Rise00:1253view
Settled Fear Rise Short00:0654view
Android Rise00:2055view
Android Rise Short00:0856view
Mind Control Rise00:1657view
Mind Control Rise Short00:0658view
Mind Control Rise Drier00:1659view
Mind Control Rise Drier Short00:0660view
Vertigo Rise00:2261view
Vertigo Rise Short00:1062view
The Beginning Sweep00:0563view
Creature Sweep00:0564view
Mystery Sweep00:0565view
Mystery Sweep Dry00:0566view
Attenuator Sweep00:0567view
Attenuator Sweep No Tone00:0568view
Dust Storm Sweep00:0569view
Dust Storm Sweep Dry00:0570view
Glassian Sweep00:0571view
Glassian Sweep Dry00:0572view
Now You See It Sweep00:0573view
Masked Man Sweep00:0574view
Masked Man Sweep Dry00:0275view
Quick Reveal Sweep00:0276view
Quick Reveal Sweep Dry00:0377view
Quick Rise Sweep00:0278view
Mastermind Signature Sound00:0579view
Mastermind Signature Sound No Delay00:0580view
Haunted Signature Sound00:0581view
Haunted Signature Sound No Delay00:0582view
Brain Scanner Signature Sound00:0583view
Brain Scanner Signature Sound No Delay00:0584view
Transylvania Signature Sound00:0585view
Transylvania Signature Sound No Delay00:0586view
Ancient Spirit Signature Sound00:0587view
Ancient Spirit Signature Sound No Delay00:0588view
Ogre Signature Sound00:0589view