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Album Sound Design Elements 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Sinister Drone00:1701view
Apparition Drone00:1202view
Cutter Drone00:1703view
Deadly Space Drone00:1504view
Chant Drone00:2305view
Hero Hit00:0206view
Aftershock Hit00:0107view
Ogre Hit00:0208view
Slammer Hit00:0209view
Burner Hit00:0210view
Deep Space Hit00:0611view
Shot Down Hit00:0212view
Crunch Hit00:0313view
Crunch Hit Dry00:0114view
Army Of Insects Hit00:0215view
Fast Freeze Hit00:0116view
Diffuser Hit00:0317view
Allegiance Hit00:0318view
F Hit00:0219view
F Hit Dry00:0120view
Chest Strike Hit00:0321view
Gam Slam Hit00:0222view
Gates Of Hell Hit00:0323view
Shock Hit00:0324view
Shock Hit Dry00:0125view
The Arrival Hit00:0426view
Mechanical Charge 100:0127view
Mechanical Charge 200:0028view
Mechanical Click 100:0029view
Mechanical Click 200:0030view
Mechanical Grind Movement 100:0031view
Mechanical Grind Movement 200:0132view
Mechanical Grind Movement 300:0033view
Mechanical Powerup00:0134view
Mechanical Shut00:0035view
Belligerent Build00:0636view
Crazy Build00:0237view
Fear Rise00:0438view
Fear Rise Dry00:0239view
Knife Slider Rise00:0140view
Gnarly Rise00:1941view
Robot Rise00:2342view
Dystopia Rise00:1043view
Suspicion Build00:0344view
Portal Signature00:0145view
Portal Signature Short00:0146view
Emergency Signature00:0347view
Emergency Signature No Echo00:0148view
Responder Signature00:0349view
Responder Signature No Echo00:0050view
Unwanted Guest Signature00:0351view
Fryer Signature00:0152view
Fryer Signature Shorter00:0153view
Warning Signature00:0254view
Bane Signature00:0155view
Moon Sweep00:0356view
Ghost Sweep Up00:0357view
Ghost Sweep Up Dry00:0158view
Mindbend Sweep Up00:0359view
Mindbend Sweep Up Dry00:0160view
Periphery Sweep Up00:0361view
Periphery Sweep Up Dry00:0162view
Glasgow Sweep00:0163view
Backstab Sweep00:0364view
Backstab Sweep Dry00:0165view
Slasher Sweep00:0266view
Small Blade Sweep00:0267view
Small Blade Sweep No Echo00:0168view
Devils Breath Sweep Up00:0269view
Devils Breath Sweep Up Short00:0070view
Space Sweep00:0271view
Oxygen Sweep Up00:0172view
Sandpaper Sweep00:0373view
Sandpaper Sweep Dry00:0074view
Ascent Sweep Up00:0175view