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Album Swords And Thrones 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Noble Riders Full02:2095view
Noble Riders No Choir02:2096view
Noble Riders Dark Mix02:2097view
Noble Riders Lite Mix02:2098view
Noble Riders No Drums No Choir02:2099view
Noble Riders No Drums02:20100view
Noble Riders Orchestra Only02:20101view
Noble Riders Drums Perc And Bass Only02:20102view
Games Of Intrigue Full01:48103view
Games Of Intrigue No Choir01:48104view
Games Of Intrigue Dark Mix01:48105view
Games Of Intrigue Orchestra Only01:48106view
Games Of Intrigue No Brass01:48107view
Games Of Intrigue No Perc01:48108view
Games Of Intrigue Perc And Bass Only01:48109view
Unified Front Full01:20110view
Unified Front No Choir01:20111view
Unified Front Dark Mix01:20112view
Unified Front Lite Mix01:20113view
Unified Front No Long Brass No Choir01:20114view
Unified Front No Perc No Choir01:20115view
Unified Front Perc Only01:20116view
Our Final Stand Full02:10117view
Our Final Stand No Choir02:10118view
Our Final Stand Dark Mix02:10119view
Our Final Stand Lite Mix02:10120view
Our Final Stand No Choir No Brass02:10121view
Our Final Stand No Perc02:10122view
Our Final Stand No Short Strings02:10123view
Our Final Stand Perc And Bass Only02:10124view
Queen Of The Realm Full03:05125view
Queen Of The Realm No Lead Vocals03:05126view
Queen Of The Realm No Choir No Lead Vocals03:05127view
Queen Of The Realm No Choir No Lead Vocals No Perc03:05128view
Queen Of The Realm No Lead Vocals No Perc03:05129view
Queen Of The Realm Lite1 Mix03:05130view
Queen Of The Realm Lite2 Mix03:05131view
Queen Of The Realm Dark Mix03:05132view
Queen Of The Realm Orchestra Only03:05133view
Queen Of The Realm Strings Wood Winds Choir And Lead Vocals Only03:05134view
Queen Of The Realm Piano And Perc Only03:05135view