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Album Swords And Thrones 1
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Angels Of Apocalypse Full01:5301view
Angels Of Apocalypse Dark Mix01:5302view
Angels Of Apocalypse No Choir01:5303view
Angels Of Apocalypse No Brass No Choir01:5304view
Angels Of Apocalypse No Perc No Drums01:5305view
Angels Of Apocalypse Strings And Perc Only01:5306view
Angels Of Apocalypse Orchestra Only01:5307view
Angels Of Apocalypse Strings Only01:5308view
Angels Of Apocalypse Perc Drums And Bass Only01:5309view
Army Of The Damned Full02:0110view
Army Of The Damned No Choir02:0111view
Army Of The Damned Dark Mix02:0112view
Army Of The Damned Dark Mix No Choir02:0113view
Army Of The Damned Lite Mix02:0114view
Army Of The Damned No Perc02:0115view
Army Of The Damned No Perc No Choir02:0116view
Army Of The Damned No Strings02:0117view
Army Of The Damned Strings And Perc Only02:0118view
Army Of The Damned Strings Only02:0119view
Army Of The Damned Perc Only02:0120view
Legions Of The Brave Full02:2821view
Legions Of The Brave No Choir02:2822view
Legions Of The Brave Band Mix02:2823view
Legions Of The Brave No Band02:2824view
Legions Of The Brave No Band No Choir02:2825view
Legions Of The Brave No Brass No Choir02:2826view
Legions Of The Brave Orchestra Only02:2827view
Legions Of The Brave Perc Drums And Bass Only02:2828view
Entering The Stronghold Full01:5029view
Entering The Stronghold No Choir01:5030view
Entering The Stronghold Dark Mix01:5031view
Entering The Stronghold Lite Mix01:5032view
Entering The Stronghold No Brass01:5033view
Entering The Stronghold No Brass No Choir01:5034view
Entering The Stronghold No Orchestra01:5035view
Entering The Stronghold No Perc01:5036view
Entering The Stronghold No Short Strings01:5037view
Entering The Stronghold Short Strings Only01:5038view
Entering The Stronghold Perc And Bass Only01:5039view
Face Your Enemy Full01:1540view
Face Your Enemy No Choir01:1541view
Face Your Enemy Dark Mix01:1542view
Face Your Enemy Lite Mix01:1543view
Face Your Enemy Brass Choir And Percusion01:1544view
Face Your Enemy No Perc01:1545view
Face Your Enemy No Perc No Choir01:1546view
Face Your Enemy Perc Bass And Guitar Only01:1547view
Brigade Of Heroes Full01:3448view
Brigade Of Heroes No Choir01:3449view
Brigade Of Heroes Dark Mix01:3450view
Brigade Of Heroes Lite Mix01:3451view
Brigade Of Heroes No Long Orchestra01:3452view
Brigade Of Heroes No Short Orchestra01:3453view
Brigade Of Heroes Orchestra Only01:3454view
Brigade Of Heroes Short Strings Only01:3455view
Brigade Of Heroes Perc And Bass Only01:3456view
In War We Trust Full02:0657view
In War We Trust No Choir02:0658view
In War We Trust Dark Mix02:0659view
In War We Trust Lite Mix02:0660view
In War We Trust No Long Orchestra02:0661view
In War We Trust No Brass No Choir02:0662view
In War We Trust No Perc02:0663view
In War We Trust Perc And Bass Only02:0664view
Contest For The Crown Full01:3865view
Contest For The Crown No Choir01:3866view
Contest For The Crown Dark Mix01:3867view
Contest For The Crown Lite Mix01:3868view
Contest For The Crown No Perc01:3869view
Contest For The Crown Orchestra Only01:3870view
Contest For The Crown Strings Only01:3871view
Contest For The Crown Perc Only01:3872view
Pride In Victory Full03:0873view
Pride In Victory No Choir03:0874view
Pride In Victory No Choir No Brass03:0875view
Pride In Victory No Perc No Drums03:0876view
Pride In Victory No Strings No Choir03:0877view
Pride In Victory Strings And Perc Only03:0878view
Overlord Full01:3879view
Overlord No Choir01:3880view
Overlord Dark Mix01:3881view
Overlord Lite Mix01:3882view
Overlord Band Mix01:3883view
Overlord Orchestra Only01:3884view
Overlord Orchestra And Choir Only01:3885view
Overlord No Drums No Choir01:3886view
Overlord No Drums01:3887view
Overlord Drums Perc And Bass Only01:3888view
Reign In Blood Full01:3789view
Reign In Blood No Choir01:3790view
Reign In Blood Dark Mix01:3791view
Reign In Blood Lite Mix01:3792view
Reign In Blood Orchestra Only01:3793view
Reign In Blood Perc Only01:3794view