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Album Exotic Destinations
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Armenian Nights Main01:4401view
Armenian Nights flute saz01:4402view
Armenian Nights Noflute NoPerc01:4403view
Armenian Nights Noflute01:4404view
Armenian Nights NoPerc01:4405view
Armenian Nights Nosaz01:4406view
Armenian Nights perc01:4407view
Asian Traveler Main02:0408view
Asian Traveler flute01:4909view
Asian Traveler harp flute mix02:0410view
Asian Traveler perc flute mix02:0411view
Asian Traveler perc02:0412view
Charango Waltz Main02:3213view
Charango Waltz charango02:3214view
Charango Waltz Noaccrdn02:3215view
Charango Waltz Notremolo Gtr02:3216view
Con Fuerza Main03:0617view
Con Fuerza Nobrss03:0618view
Con Fuerza NoGtr03:0619view
Crossing Continents Main02:1220view
Crossing Continents Noflute NoPerc02:1221view
Crossing Continents Noflute02:1222view
Crossing Continents NoPerc02:1223view
Crossing Continents Nosntr02:1224view
Crossing Continents perc santoor02:1225view
Dulcinette Main01:3026view
Dulcinette Gtr bass perc01:3027view
Dulcinette Noklmba01:3028view
Dulcinette NoPerc Nostrings01:3029view
Dulcinette NoPerc01:3030view
Eastern Fusions Main01:3831view
Eastern Fusions drones perc01:3832view
Eastern Fusions drones perc01:3833view
Eastern Fusions Noethnic Perc01:3834view
Eastern Fusions Nofsn beat01:3835view
Eastern Fusions Nosntr dlcmr01:3836view
Eastern Fusions santoor dulcimer perc01:3837view
Echo Charango Main01:5538view
Echo Charango Gtr bass perc01:5539view
Echo Charango Noflute01:5540view
Echo Charango NoPerc Nobass01:5541view
Echo Charango NoPerc01:5542view
India Landscapes Main01:4243view
India Landscapes drones01:4244view
India Landscapes flute01:3345view
Journey Of The Ronin Main01:5846view
Journey Of The Ronin dulcimer piano01:5847view
Journey Of The Ronin Noflute01:5848view
Journey Of The Ronin Noflute01:5849view
Journey Of The Ronin Nopiano01:5850view
Journey Of The Ronin perc01:5851view
Kyoto Dream Main02:1252view
Kyoto Dream harp dulcimer02:1253view
Kyoto Dream Noflute NoPerc02:1254view
Kyoto Dream Noflute02:1255view
Kyoto Dream NoPerc02:1256view
Kyoto Dream Perc02:1257view
Mystic Traveler Main01:1458view
Mystic Traveler flute00:5059view
Mystic Traveler Noflute01:1460view
Mystic Traveler NoPerc01:1461view
Mystic Traveler santoor dulcimer01:1462view
Open Plains Main04:0263view
Open Plains acoustic Gtr bass04:0264view
Open Plains NoelectricGtr04:0265view
Shadow Dance Main02:2566view
Shadow Dance Noflute NoPerc02:2567view
Shadow Dance Noflute02:2568view
Shadow Dance NoPerc02:2569view
Shadow Dance Nostrings02:2570view
Shadow Dance perc02:2571view
Temple Sunrise Main01:3272view
Temple Sunrise Nodrone01:3273view
Temple Sunrise Noflute NoPerc01:3274view
Temple Sunrise Noflute01:3275view
Temple Sunrise Nopads01:3276view
Temple Sunrise NoPerc01:3277view
Traveling East Main01:4278view
Traveling East Noflute01:4279view
Traveling East NoPerc01:4280view