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Album 10 Miles of Middle Eastern 5 - Wahda - Arabic Orchestra
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Welcome Back04:1701view
Welcome Back NoIntro03:1802view
Welcome Back NoStrings03:5303view
Welcome Back NoWoodwinds04:1704view
Welcome Back NoPerc04:1705view
Welcome Back PercOnly03:1806view
Yumma Instrumental02:5708view
Yumma NoLeads02:5709view
Yumma NoStrings02:5710view
Yumma NoPerc02:5711view
Yumma PercOnly02:5712view
Night By The Nile03:2413view
Night By The Nile NoIntro02:5414view
Night By The Nile NoStrings03:2015view
Night By The Nile NoKanun03:2416view
Night By The Nile NoPerc03:2417view
Night By The Nile PercOnly02:5418view
Farah NoStrings02:1420view
Farah NoAccordion02:1421view
Farah NoWoodwinds02:1422view
Farah NoPerc02:1423view
Farah PercOnly02:1424view
7th Star02:1025view
7th Star NoStrings02:1026view
7th Star NoKanun02:1027view
7th Star NoPerc02:1028view
7th Star StringsOnly02:1029view
7th Star PercOnly02:0730view
Dabkeh Drop01:5931view
Dabkeh Drop Instrumental01:5932view
Dabkeh Drop NoStrings01:5933view
Dabkeh Drop NoPerc01:5934view
Dabkeh Drop PercOnly01:5635view
Khofos Throne03:1736view
Khofos Throne NoStrings03:1737view
Khofos Throne NoBrass03:1738view
Khofos Throne NoPerc03:1739view
Khofos Throne PercOnly03:0540view
Ancient Curse03:1741view
Ancient Curse NoChoir03:1742view
Ancient Curse NoStrings03:1343view
Ancient Curse NoFlute03:1744view
Ancient Curse NoGuitars03:1745view
Ancient Curse NoPerc03:1746view
Ancient Curse PercOnly03:0147view
Sunset In Giza02:4248view
Sunset In Giza Instrumental02:4249view
Sunset In Giza NoStrings02:3050view
Sunset In Giza NoKanun02:4251view
Sunset In Giza NoCello02:4252view
Sunset In Giza NoPerc02:4253view
Sunset In Giza PercOnly02:3054view