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Album 10 Miles of Artists 10 - Middle Eastern Trio
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
The Prophet of Emotion Full04:1601view
The Prophet of Emotion NoOud04:1602view
The Prophet of Emotion NoKamanche04:1603view
The Prophet of Emotion NoPerc04:1604view
The Prophet of Emotion PercOnly04:1605view
Ashkim Full03:5706view
Ashkim NoOud03:5707view
Ashkim NoKamanche03:5708view
Ashkim NoPerc03:5709view
Ashkim PercOnly03:0810view
Wind Full04:1511view
Wind NoOud04:1512view
Wind NoKamanche04:1513view
Wind NoPerc04:1514view
Wind PercOnly04:0415view
Tide Full04:4816view
Tide NoOud04:4817view
Tide NoKamanche04:4818view
Tide NoPerc04:4819view
Tide NoVoice04:4820view
Tide PercOnly04:4821view
Fata Morgana Full05:5522view
Fata Morgana NoOud05:5523view
Fata Morgana NoKamanche05:5524view
Fata Morgana NoPerc05:5525view
Fata Morgana PercOnly05:4926view
Rujum Full06:1927view
Rujum NoOud06:1928view
Rujum NoKamanche06:1929view
Rujum NoHandClaps06:1930view
Rujum HandClapsOnly00:4231view
Moon Full06:5532view
Moon NoOud05:5533view
Moon NoKamanche06:5534view
Moon NoPerc06:5535view
Moon PercOnly05:5536view
Jasmine Full06:3737view
Jasmine NoOud06:3738view
Jasmine NoKamanche06:3739view
Jasmine NoPerc06:3740view
Jasmine PercOnly05:5641view
Reflection Full05:4542view
Reflection NoOud05:4543view
Reflection NoKamanche05:3644view
Reflection NoPercNoVoice05:4545view
Reflection PercAndVoiceOnly05:3346view