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Album 10 Miles of Artists 2 - Middle Eastern Rock
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
The Routine Full04:4401view
The Routine Alt04:4202view
Traveling Trees Full02:3103view
Traveling Trees Alt02:1504view
Madame TwoSouls04:0305view
Madame On Steroids04:1806view
Melting Thoughts Vocal03:3907view
Melting Thoughts Instrumental03:4308view
Melting Thoughts LeadGuitar03:3809view
Melting Time03:2910view
Fields of Sunrise Full05:0811view
Fields of Sunrise AltPianoVersion05:0812view
Numbers World Vocal05:1113view
Numbers World Instrumental04:1814view
Numbers World EndingOnly01:1815view
Orient Sun04:2216view
Drive Full06:1917view
Drive NoLeadGuitars06:0918view
The Calling Rush Hour04:5219view
The Calling Rush Hour NoLeadGuitars04:1320view
Another Day In The Office04:1821view
Aint Good Enough Vocal03:5622view
Aint Good Enough Instrumental03:5623view
Simple Things04:5624view
Fata Morgana Full04:3425view
Fata Morgana LessLeadGuitar04:3626view
Neo Quest Full04:2627view
Neo Quest NoLeadGuitar04:2628view
Believe Vocal03:2929view
Believe Instrumental03:2930view
Azul Full03:2831view
Azul NoLeadGuitar03:2632view
Wings Vocal04:5833view
Wings Instrumental04:5834view
Palm Dance04:5235view
Root Out Vocal06:1536view
Root Out Instrumental06:1537view
The Religion Of Music Vocal04:5338view
The Religion Of Music Instrumental05:0039view