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Album Hip Hop Beats & Pop Promos 4
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Seductionaire Full Instr01:5501view
Neon Accelerator Full Instr01:3202view
The Champ Is Back Full Instr01:4103view
Smooth Bounce Full Instr02:0604view
Numb3rs Full Instr01:4505view
The Solution Full Instr01:4206view
West Coast Chill Spot Full Instr01:4807view
No Doze Full Instr01:5208view
International Affairs Full Instr01:3909view
Tight Spotz Full Instr01:4910view
Waiting For The Jump Full Instr01:5011view
Unexpected Journey Full Instr01:3012view
Swervin Full Instr01:5813view
Stories To Tell Full Instr01:5314view
Time Keeps Ticking Full Instr01:3015view
Smooth Arrival Full Instr01:4116view
Groove Riders Full Instr01:4317view
Still Swinging Full Instr01:5518view
Late Night Ride Full Instr01:4119view
Tell Her Again Full Instr01:5120view
Seductionaire 30Sec Instr00:3021view
Seductionaire 15Sec Instr00:1622view
Seductionaire Full Underscore01:5523view
Neon Accelerator 30Sec Instr00:3024view
Neon Accelerator 15Sec Instr00:1525view
Neon Accelerator Full Underscore01:3226view
The Champ Is Back 30Sec Instr00:3127view
The Champ Is Back 15Sec Instr00:1628view
The Champ Is Back Full Underscore01:3729view
Smooth Bounce 30Sec Instr00:3130view
Smooth Bounce 15Sec Instr00:1531view
Smooth Bounce Full Underscore02:0632view
Numb3rs 30Sec Instr00:3033view
Numb3rs 15Sec Instr00:1634view
Numb3rs Full Underscore01:4535view
The Solution 30Sec Instr00:3036view
The Solution 15Sec Instr00:1537view
The Solution Full Underscore01:4238view
West Coast Chill Spot 30Sec Instr00:3039view
West Coast Chill Spot 15Sec Instr00:1440view
West Coast Chill Spot Full Underscore01:4841view
No Doze 30Sec Instr00:3142view
No Doze 15Sec Instr00:1543view
No Doze Full Underscore01:5244view
International Affairs 30Sec Instr00:3145view
International Affairs 15Sec Instr00:1546view
International Affairs Full Underscore01:3947view
Tight Spotz 30Sec Instr00:3148view
Tight Spotz 15Sec Instr00:1549view
Tight Spotz Full Underscore01:4950view
Waiting For The Jump 30Sec Instr00:3151view
Waiting For The Jump 15Sec Instr00:1652view
Waiting For The Jump Full Underscore01:5053view
Unexpected Journey 30Sec Instr00:3054view
Unexpected Journey 15Sec Instr00:1655view
Unexpected Journey Full Underscore01:3056view
Swervin 30Sec Instr00:3157view
Swervin 15Sec Instr00:1658view
Swervin Full Underscore01:5859view
Stories To Tell 30Sec Instr00:3060view
Stories To Tell 15Sec Instr00:1661view
Stories To Tell Full Underscore01:5362view
Time Keeps Ticking 30Sec Instr00:3063view
Time Keeps Ticking 15Sec Instr00:1564view
Time Keeps Ticking Full Underscore01:3065view
Smooth Arrival 30Sec Instr00:3066view
Smooth Arrival 15Sec Instr00:1567view
Smooth Arrival Full Underscore01:4168view
Groove Riders 30Sec Instr00:3169view
Groove Riders 15Sec Instr00:1670view
Groove Riders Full Underscore01:4371view
Still Swinging 30Sec Instr00:3172view
Still Swinging 15Sec Instr00:1673view
Still Swinging Full Underscore01:5574view
Late Night Ride 30Sec Instr00:3175view
Late Night Ride 15Sec Instr00:1676view
Late Night Ride Full Underscore01:4177view
Tell Her Again 30Sec Instr00:3178view
Tell Her Again 15Sec Instr00:1679view
Tell Her Again Full Underscore01:5180view