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Album Power Politics
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
All Politics Is Local01:0101view
For Patriots And Families01:0102view
My Record Stands01:0103view
Real Problem Solver01:0404view
Clear Difference01:0205view
Pragmatic Approach01:0206view
Bright Future01:0207view
Global Initiatives01:0208view
Post Election Joy01:0109view
Ups And Downs01:0210view
Leader Among Leaders01:0211view
My Service01:0212view
From The Heartland01:0213view
Talking Points01:0214view
Policy Results01:0215view
Back To The People01:0116view
Crisis Manager01:0217view
Political Force01:0118view
Primary Season01:0219view
All Politics Is Local00:3121view
All Politics Is Local00:1622view
All Politics Is Local01:0123view
For Patriots And Families00:3124view
For Patriots And Families00:1625view
For Patriots And Families01:0126view
My Record Stands00:3127view
My Record Stands00:1628view
My Record Stands01:0129view
Real Problem Solver00:3430view
Real Problem Solver00:1731view
Real Problem Solver01:0432view
Clear Difference00:3233view
Clear Difference00:1634view
Clear Difference01:0235view
Pragmatic Approach00:3236view
Pragmatic Approach00:1637view
Pragmatic Approach01:0238view
Bright Future00:3239view
Bright Future00:1640view
Bright Future01:0241view
Global Initiatives00:3242view
Global Initiatives00:1743view
Global Initiatives01:0244view
Post Election Joy00:3145view
Post Election Joy00:1646view
Post Election Joy01:0147view
Ups And Downs00:3248view
Ups And Downs00:1649view
Ups And Downs01:0250view
Leader Among Leaders00:3251view
Leader Among Leaders00:1752view
Leader Among Leaders01:0253view
My Service00:3254view
My Service00:1655view
My Service01:0256view
From The Heartland00:3257view
From The Heartland00:1658view
From The Heartland01:0259view
Talking Points00:3260view
Talking Points00:1661view
Talking Points01:0262view
Policy Results00:3263view
Policy Results00:1764view
Policy Results01:0265view
Back To The People00:3166view
Back To The People00:1667view
Back To The People01:0168view
Crisis Manager00:3269view
Crisis Manager00:1670view
Crisis Manager01:0271view
Political Force00:3172view
Political Force00:1673view
Political Force01:0174view
Primary Season00:3275view
Primary Season00:1776view
Primary Season01:0277view