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Album Political Campaigns
Track NameDurationTrack #Description
Clear Difference01:0201view
Policy Results01:0202view
I Approve This Message01:0003view
Injustice Just Left01:0804view
New Chapter00:3905view
A Soldiers Story01:0206view
Moral Compass01:0007view
Gaining Strength00:3908view
World Abroad World At Home01:0109view
Dreams To Reality00:3810view
The Rural Future00:3611view
Time For A Change01:0112view
Deceit Vs Honesty01:0014view
Better Days Ahead01:0115view
Fallen Soldier01:0216view
Feel The Win00:3218view
Code Breaker00:3419view
Release The Tension00:3720view
Never Turn Back00:3721view
Beginning Of Dawn01:1122view
Future Hope01:0023view
Foreign Thoughts01:0025view
Mission Creep01:0226view
Follow Me To Victory01:0327view
Appealing To The Masses01:0228view
To Rise Above01:0029view
To The End01:0230view
Clear Difference00:3231view
Clear Difference00:1632view
Policy Results00:3233view
Policy Results00:1734view
I Approve This Message00:3035view
I Approve This Message00:1536view
New Chapter00:2237view
A Soldiers Story00:3238view
A Soldiers Story00:1739view
Moral Compass00:3240view
Moral Compass00:1741view
Gaining Strength00:2342view
World Abroad World At Home00:3043view
World Abroad World At Home00:1544view
Dreams To Reality00:2545view
The Rural Future00:2246view
Time For A Change00:3247view
Time For A Change00:1748view
Deceit Vs Honesty00:3051view
Deceit Vs Honesty00:1552view
Better Days Ahead00:3153view
Better Days Ahead00:1654view
Fallen Soldier00:3255view
Fallen Soldier00:1656view
Feel The Win00:1758view
Code Breaker00:2059view
Never Turn Back00:2260view
Future Hope00:3061view
Future Hope00:1562view
Foreign Thoughts00:3364view
Foreign Thoughts00:1765view
Mission Creep00:3266view
Mission Creep00:1767view
Follow Me To Victory00:3368view
Follow Me To Victory00:1869view
Appealing To The Masses00:3270view
Appealing To The Masses00:1871view
To Rise Above00:3372view
To Rise Above00:1773view
To The End00:3274view
To The End00:1775view