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About Us
About Us


Miles of Music (MoM) is a dynamic and exciting company, representing tens of production music catalogs and hundreds of thousands of musical tracks from around the globe.
The people who are the backbone of the company have been constant standouts in Israel's post-production industry for many years, living, breathing, and fulfilling the needs of their many clients.
MoM completely offers the best solutions for making the correct and exact musical choice for whatever may be your aim or project.
The company has developed an advanced music search engine, one which can easily rival any other in the world.
This advanced search engine helps guide you to the perfect musical selection you seek: from all the companies we represent, at the same time, under one roof. There is no need to navigate to the website of each individual library. Miles of Music offers hundreds of thousands of options in musical tracks with unsurpassed quality in production and style, easily reachable at your fingertips, in one lively and refreshing place.
At MoM's, we strive to be on the very brink of new music being released almost daily by any one of the production companies we proudly represent, and we update our website every week with a wide variety of newly composed, created and produced especially for your listening, finding and utilizing pleasure!
We have invested quite a lot in our highly developed search engine with the specific intent of making your work simple, managable, fun, and precise. You will be surprised at how easily and quickly you find the music you seek – and for the first time in histroy you will be able to do this in Hebrew!
Whether you are an experienced professional or a hobbyist in the field of post production, broadcast, advertisement, or new media, our unique website enables every user to look for and find the music they want and need.
The user is able to search, listen, create project folders, download, transfer, or share tracks with another user, which will make it possible to choose together the perfect musical track, quickly and efficiently.
We made it easy for you, but if somehow you can't find the music you want, or you simply want to be pampered, you could turn to our consultation department, headed by Oded Fried-Gaon, MoM's Music Director, who is a seasoned musician/composer himself, and a professional music consultant rich with knowledge and experience.